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The full-length debut from Girlpool, the Los Angeles based band made up of Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad, was raw, incredibly vulnerable, and brave. Working in a style that is antithetical to contemporary indie-pop music—lacking any percussion, the only instruments being electric guitar and bass—Girlpool’s sound resembles that of a conventional singer/songwriter or folk musician, a conscious decision makes the duo’s work remarkably postmodern. With subject matter that feels unapologetically personal and an artistic voice that is intelligently observant, Girlpool’s lyrics on Before The World Was Big evoke a nuanced sensitivity and an enlightened perspective about the total awkwardness that constitutes young adulthood.

The world is fucking huge! That realization usually hits us sometime in our teens, and we start to come to terms with the fact that we’ll never get to go everywhere we want to go or do everything we want to do. It’s such an old way of thinking when we’re young setting ourselves up for disappointment before anything happens and Girlpool’s debut often feels like yearning for a life that’s too short. The duo is out there seeing the world now, but this album was mostly written before any of that seemed like a possibility. They sound both impossibly young and already world weary.

The debut album by Girlpool came out 1st June 2015 (2nd June in the US) on Wichita Recordings worldwide.

Available to pre-order now on Wichita store – CD + LP includes a signed poster, Directed by Allyssa Yohana. Taken from Girlpool’s debut album, “Before The World Was Big”, Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad, the two members of this band, are products of LA’s still-teeming DIY punk scene, but they don’t have to play loud to be heard. And they’ve since relocated to recent DIY mecca Philadelphia, but while they’re nearly as tuneful as their big-sister band Waxahatchee, they haven’t lost any of their basement-hardcore urgency. Instead, they sing songs about feminism and friendship and fucking assholes, their voices in nyah-nyah close harmony over their minimal guitar-and-bass backdrops. They don’t have a drummer because they’re too punk to need a drummer.

Girlpool performing “Crowded Stranger” at Sofar London on June 10th, 2015. SoFar  put on more than 10 shows every month in London, with filmed sessions. Girlpool make songs that feel audaciously small, like an eyedropper pointed toward the heavens. The 10 songs on the debut album “Before the World Was Big” not only employ a bare minimum of chords (two, pretty much always) but a minimum of notes. If you’d never held a guitar, or even seen one, you could be gently coached to play “Ideal World”, the album’s opening track, within three minutes of being handed one. The same is true of many others. And yet, Before the World Was Big brims with a mysterious power, a charged and palpable sense of hope and awe. Focusing on the clean bones of the songs only leads you to be astonished by how full they feel. This is music with no corners, no hidden places in the arrangements, and the emotions emerge with gratifying clarity. Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker—who sing occasionally in harmony and occasionally in unison, but always together .To listen to Before the World Was Big is to meet their gaze and feel slightly unnerved and exhilarated. It is a quiet album of uncommon intensity.

Tividad and Tucker formed Girlpool when they were 17 and 18, and they told anyone who asked them at the time that they were drawn to each other for their shared sense of purpose: “We wanted something that was honest and straightforward,” Tucker said. “We both wanted to be super vulnerable…Because of the stripped down nature of our music, if one of us messes up, it’s incredibly noticeable. We’re not trying to hide.” In part, it is this clarity of purpose that resounds from the empty spaces on their debut LP. Their EP was shouted, and in its hardy squall, you could hear two powerful voices honing in on some way they might make a dent in the universe.

Girlpool‘s Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad perform in unison: They play their guitars that way — Tucker on lead, Tividad playing bass — and they sing the same angsty, funny words simultaneously, or as if emulating a nursery-rhyme-style round, a la “Row Row Row Your Boat.”

The duo has made one of my favorite albums of the year so far, “Before The World Was Big”, which followed a self-titled debut EP from 2014. Girlpool’s words deal with the pedestrian, the mundane and the beauty locked away in both. In 10 songs and 24 minutes, the charming, talented performers find their strength in essence, without drums or unnecessary rock trappings. The ingredients require no cooking and are served strictly raw, with one caveat: If it’s good, double it for sure.

Set List

  • “Before The World Was Big”
  • “Ideal World”
  • “Cherry Picking”


Acoustic punk duo Girlpool have shared a track from the forthcoming album “Cherry Picking”, a relationship lament, and the latest single from the band’s much anticipated debut album, “Before The World Was Big”. Taken from Girlpool’s debut album,  Out 1st June on Wichita Recordings.

Girlpool is a Philadelphia based two piece made up of Cleo Tucker (Guitar) and Harmony Tividad (Bass). The two met at Los Angeles DIY venue the Smell and quickly grew very close. Their sound is raw, comprised only of a guitar, bass and vocal harmonies. Cleo and Harmony use this stripped-down instrumentation to accentuate their vulnerable and powerful lyrics. After releasing their self-titled EP, Girlpool relocated to Philadelphia at the end of 2014 looking for change of pace and scenery. There they recorded their debut LP, ‘Before The World Was Big’, with Kyle Gilbride (of Swearin’). ‘Before The World Was Big’ explores the concepts of growth, friendship, and the interaction between identity and environment. The introspective-punk duo captures growing pains and existential quandaries with a honest and true intention. think the sparseness of Young Marble Giants, mixed with the attitude of Bikini Kill and the hooks of the Marine Girls.