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Every once in a while we hear a record here at Full Time Hobby Towers which stops us in our tracks and demands our attention. Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection, a record which came out via YK Records late last year, was one of those albums. Recorded in Spencer’s adopted home of Nashville, TN and with a star-studded line-up of musicians in the Collection, the album has brought us continued joy over the last few months. However, it was rather tricky to get hold of over here without opening up our own coin collections and shelling out for hefty shipping costs.

So we’ve worked with Spencer and YK to import some LPs here to London to help keep the shipping costs down a bit. contact Full Time Hobby or the Bandcamp Site:

Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection — homaging the ’60s and ‘70s folk-rock heroes of his homeland, finds Nashville sideman Spencer Cullum stepping from the shadows to spotlight. And, along with a supporting cast of fellow Music City stage and studio aces — like guitarist Sean Thompson and multi-instrumentalist Luke Reynolds, along with singing and writing partners like Rose, Andrew Combs, Erin Rae, Annie Williams and James “Skyway Man” Wallace — he’s bringing a bit of Britain to Tennessee with him.


Released November 12th, 2020

THE Coin Collection:

Spencer Cullum
Caitlin Rose,
Erin Rae,
Annie Williams,
Herman Düne,
Mayon Hanania,

Dom Billet: Drums
G. Maxwell Zemanovic: Drums
Adam Bernarik: Bass
Sean Thompson: Electric Guitar
James Wallace (Skyway Man): Piano, Mellotron
Luke Reynolds: Tapes loops & Synths .
Micheal Rinne: Upright Bass
Adam Stockdale: Acoustic Guitar
Jim Hoke: Flutes, Clarinet & Saxophone
Austin Hoke: Cello
Jordan Lehning: String Arrangement

All Songs Written by
Spencer Cullum except
Jack of Fools (S. Cullum & Andrew Combs)
To Be Blinkered (S. Cullum & James Wallace)
Dieterich Buxtehude (S. Cullum & Luke Reynolds)
The Tree (Mike Heron)

Human Error Music (BMI)

Spencer Cullum