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The Other End have been labeled «… one of the most exciting new bands from Scandinavia», and got international praise for their cutting edge sound and exploration of slowcore and dark indie pop when entering the music scene in Norway in 2018.

The release of their 5-track debut-EP saw them being signed by Just Isn’t Music (Ninja Tune) and earned them a spot at ØYA 2018. Super World Indie Tunes hailed the EP as . one of the finest records you’ll hear this year». The EP was recorded live in studio together with renowned producer Iver Sandøy (Enslaved, Wardruna).

Ida Knoph-Solholm and Alexander Breidvik make music for 4 a.m. drives and headphones worn surreptitiously under blankets. But really, there’s no bad setting for music this spare, haunting and gorgeous. The central ingredients in “Far From Home” couldn’t be simpler: Knopf-Solholm sets her huge, radiant voice against crystalline guitar lines that hang heavy in the air. Though other instruments make their way into the mix, there’s not a superfluous sound to be found.

Vocals, bass guitar: Ida Knoph-Solholm Guitar, bass drum, backing vocals: Alexander Breidvik

Debut EP out March 16th 2018!