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Tenille Townes. The Canadian-born country singer/songwriter and musician, first reached our ears a few years ago with the arrival of her hit song “Somebody’s Daughter,” which landed on many best-of-the-year lists. Her debut album The Lemonade Stand is finally here, after releasing a preliminary EP earlier this year, The Road to the Lemonade Stand. “The Lemonade Stand is a collection of songs that mean so much to me and are the way I see the world in this season of my life right now,” Townes said in a statement. “I want this music to be like a gathering place, where people can come and be filled up. I hope this record reminds people of who they are, that they are not alone, and reminds them of their dreams. You guys today is the day that I get to tell you that my debut album ‘The Lemonade Stand’ is coming out on June 26th!!. I really am just so excited I can’t even stand it as I’m typing this out to you. And this is what the cover of the album is!!! I can not wait for you to have this whole record in your hands to listen to in your kitchens or your cars or your headphones and I hope it makes you feel comforted, cheered for, seen and heard like there’s somebody sitting next to you going through the same things. I hope it makes you feel like a dreamer too. Because this record is the dream I had when I was a seven year old kid singing along to music in the backseat. She would really be freaking out right now ha.

This record is the dream that I had when I was a seven-year-old kid singing along in the backseat of the car. She would really be freaking out right now.”

I’m so proud to be from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada and so thankful for all the ways it has shaped me and shaped my music. The community and love that surrounded me growing up will forever be the anchor of who I am. I will always hold on to home and hope to carry forward that spirit in my music.

Listen to the Road To The Lemonade Stand EP, featuring “Jersey On The Wall (Forgive Me I’m Just Asking)”, out now

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Also a celebrated visual artist, VanGaalen is widely renowned for his illustration and animation work. As with his previous albums – Infiniheart, Skelliconnection and the Polaris short-listed Soft Airplane, VanGaalen illustrated all of the art for Diaper Island – and is in the midst of animating a music video as well. He has animated music videos for folks like J Mascis, Guster, and Holy Fuck, and his videos have been collectively viewed well over a million times on YouTube.

VanGaalen has been quietly building a catalogue of songs that invite listeners to gently explore his distinctive creativity. Diaper Island extends the adventure into deeper territory, tapping into VanGaalen’s lifeblood and mining the richness of his mind with sharper tools.

As always, VanGaalen wrote, played, and produced all of the music on Light Information (save Ryan Bourne’s bass part on “Mystery Elementals” and vocals on “Static Shape” from his young daughters Ezzy and Pip), and designed the cover art. The product of six years’ work, going back even before 2014’s Shrink Dust, Light Information emerged from the experimental instruments that fill VanGaalen’s Calgary garage studio. Among them is a beloved Korg 770 monosynth, which VanGaalen coveted for years before fixing one up and devoting a lot of recent energy to recording “duets” with it. One of these, “Prep Piano and 770,” is the lone instrumental on Light Information, more atmosphere and chord bursts than the rest of the album’s hooky rock narrative.

‘Light Information’ Release date: September 8, 2017 on Sub Pop Records.

Jessica Jalbert was a member of the Canadian based Edmonton punks Tee-Tahs .That is in the past and this is her second album as Faith Healer. Try 😉 lives on the same planet of the Brewis brother’s Field Music. Combine Jallbert’s croon and her ability to write a good pop hook you have something special.

I think I’ve already listened through this album about ten times. Another outstanding release by Faith Healer. If you haven’t heard the previous Cosmic Troubles, go do it. Easily among the most underrated album of 2015.


Instantly, when I first heard this within the first ten seconds, I was like, “Who is this?” I played the first track on repeat three times. When I hear a song I really like, I have to play it over and over again until I get tired of it.  Sometimes you listen to songs from albums more than I listen to albums all through. Anyway, this band are from Edmonton; they’re a Canadian band. Singer Jessica Jalbert has been around in the Canadian music scene for a really long time, she has this gorgeous voice a super angelic voice. Melodic, melancholic, and calming, I was hooked from the first track. The vocals are pleasantly dreamy, and instrumentation is crisp. Beautiful music.This is a home-recorded album that she did with Renny Wilson , I love all the songs, very nice guitars, and her voice is so careful. It’s very good headphone music,



Tigerwing is Sarah Kelly. It’s like her alter-ego, or better yet, a part of her she just can’t shake, and neither should she! Kelly writes and produces her own music and is the eye behind all Tigerwing’s artful aesthetics. Let’s just say Kelly is arty-farty, a term I use to describe myself, from time to time, it’s a good thing.
Her fluttery vocals fall upon layers of syn-pop fusion and chilled out beats. The sound is delicate in parts, yet uncertainty and darkness lurk around corners ready to strike. It’s that uncertainty I like in her work. It feels like nothing is forced and Tigerwing just happens organically.


Rueben and the Dark from Alberta in Canada a anthemic sound similar to our very own Matthew and the Atlas or Dry The River, an amazing live band