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An after hours performance at Tate Britain by Daughter, A special one off of the song “Smother” check out the new five track EP from Air Studios in london

the amazing Daughter played a set at Coachella they have a new Live ep released today with tracks recorded at Air Studios in London with a string Ensemble

ab older track performed at the Coachella festival last weekend DAUGHTER have released three Eps and one album to date IF YOU LEAVE signed to 4ad they have a new Ep out noe five songs recorded at Air Studios with a classical string ensemble

this is the fifth and final clip of the Live at the Air Studios Live videos and one of the first Daughter songs I ever heard, Elena Tonras vocal and the shimmering guitars from Igor Haefeli, and Remi Aguilella on percussion are joined by a 10 piece string ensemble just make these songs even more beautiful. the download Ep will be released on the 15th April  

Daughter and their fifth and final performance from Air Studio’s in lodon

Daughter and the second performance for a five track Ep digital download, specially recorde at Air Studios in London and with a 10 piece String Ensemble

DAUGHTER, have a new Ep on the way to be released Digitally on the 15th April, recorded live at the iconic Air Studio’s in London it features the songs Shallows, Tomorrow, Youth, Still and Amsterdam. this is a special performance as the songs have been recorded with a 10 piece classical string ensemble, the videos will be available on Daughter’s you tube channel