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SKIES – ” Call For My Heart “

Posted: July 2, 2016 in MUSIC
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‘Call For My Heart’ is the first single of young Adelaide band SKIES’ debut EP, a 4 minute drum-driven affair coated in vocalist Dusty Stephensen’s intensely captivating falsetto. These Adelaide natives ‘SKIES‘ are an electronic indie trio composed of Dusty Stephensen, Micah Cearns and Michael Zabolocki.


‘Hiding To Nothing’ is the new single from Adelaide four piece, BAD//DREEMS. Their highly anticipated debut album Dogs At Bay is out 21st August via Ivy League Records, If Dogs At Bay had been released during the period that Bad//Dreems are emulating, then it would’ve been one of Au-Go-Go’s most prized possessions. As it happens, Dogs At Bay came out in 2015, and introduced a whole new generation of kids to the glory of pub rock. Beer-soaked riffs, a howl that reaches all the way to the loner coughing up their life savings at the pokies, and a wide swathe of material that nodded to folks like GOD, Coloured Balls, The Go-Betweens and The Angels, Bad//Dreems pounded the listener with an affecting album of impressive rock.


Adelaide band Babes Are Wolves have hit the ground running with their debut single “Wait”, taken from their forthcoming EP “You Only Live Twice”. The punchy package of garage grunge shows off a big sound that could easily have them filling venues in the near future. Layers of guitar shredding lifted by a banging rhythmic drum pattern and lead vocalist Anna Bouras‘ strong performance; “Wait” is definitely something you want to hear.

“Wait” by BABES ARE WOLVES will be released 2nd of October 2015


Bad Dreems are from Adelaide. There’s no time to wallow in the mire. If you do you’re just gonna get sucked away. Bad Dreems know this. That’s why they got together the summer before last. Scratch the surface here and you find another world, far removed from the leafy inner suburbs. The empty jail on the edge of the city. A decade long bikie war. The Family. This is the weird murder capital. The weed capital. It is this world, constructed or not that Bad Dreems attempt to capture in their debut EP, Badlands.

Look at this clip from the Rolling Stones opening up in Adelaide in Australia just last night, whatever their ages the sound of the guitars and even Jagger’s vocals are still pretty spectacular,

stones setlist