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Young Marble Giants announce 40th anniversary special edition reissue of 'Colossal Youth'

Colossal Youth is the legendary debut album by Young Marble Giants; an album that has influenced the likes of Nirvana and Belle and Sebastian with its paradoxical combination of abstract, sparse electronica and warm, intimate introspection.

Comprised of guitarist-songwriter Stuart Moxham, brother and bassist Philip, and singer Alison Statton, Young Marble Giants emerged from the punk and post-punk landscape with a sound like no one else. Recorded in five days, Colossal Youth went on to influence whole legions from Sheffield to Seattle, looking to de-grungify gangs of four or more. They found fans in the likes of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Belle & Sebastian, David Byrne, Sonic Youth, The Magnetic Fields. 

Cited as one of the most definitive records of the post-punk era, there is something almost canonical about the album’s use of voice, muted instruments and space. Colossal Youth’s attention to sparse detail is now a modus operandi for haunted electronica auteurs and spectral singer-songwriters alike, but ultimately, only the Young Marble Giants sound like Young Marble Giants.

Young Marble Giants ‘Colossal Youth: 40th Anniversary Edition’ includes the titular album as well as songs from ‘Salad Days’, ‘Is The War Over?’, the ‘Final Day’ single and their ‘Testcard’ EP, plus a live DVD of their last ever US show at Hurrah in New York in 1980. Indies exclusive clear vinyl.

Colossal Youth is the opposite of ‘Anarchy In The UK’ or ‘Clash City Rockers’, [but] every bit as good.” – Dave McCullough, Sounds 17/05/1980

Young Marble Giants (YMG)’s one and only album Colossal Youth celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, the Cardiff trio are releasing a special edition reissue. Young Marble Giants –  Colossal Youth 40th Anniversary Editionincludes the titular album as well as songs from Salad Days, Is The War Over, the “Final Day” single and their Testcard EP as well a live DVD of their last ever US show at Hurrah in New York in 1980.

Alongside the announcement, the band have shared live footage of them performing “Final Day”, taken from the DVD.

 Released on Domino Recordings

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A third 40th anniversary deluxe edition is coming from the Ramones and Rhino Records, featuring the band’s third album, “Rocket To Russia”.

With punk rock reaching a fever pitch in the summer of 1977, the Queens quartet and Leave Home’s producer and engineer, Tony Bongiovi and Ed Stasium, again came together to record another hard-hitting album of urgent but melodic tunes. Drawing from surf rock influences (and featuring a significantly bigger budget than their previous two records), Rocket To Russia was praised by critics for its humor and pop-friendly sensibilities, with tracks like “Teenage Lobotomy,” “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker” (released in an alternate single version that spring) and “Rockaway Beach” becoming punk classics. The album also marked the end of an era; after Rocket To Russia, drummer Tommy Ramone stopped performing with the band, but continued as an intermittent writer/producer for the group.


Like the deluxe editions of Ramones and Leave Home, Rocket To Russia features 3 CDs, an LP and a photo-filled book within its 12″ x 12″ box packaging. A total of 63 bonus tracks (only two of which have been made available before) will be included in this set. Alongside the original album, Stasium has created a back-to-basics “tracking mix” of the original album, featuring some alternate takes and songs that were unused on the original album. A bonus disc of rough mixes from Mediasound and The Power Station studios, plus alternates, B-sides and even an original radio promo with frontman Joey Ramone, is also included, as is a previously unreleased 1977 concert recorded in Glasgow. The package is rounded out with an LP of the tracking mix.

This rocket takes off November 24th. Rocket To Russia: 40th Anniversary Edition (Sire/Rhino, 2017)

Stop The Press! Queen Announce Five-Disc ‘News Of The World’ Box Set

In 1977, Queen were the champions. They came to rock you. While much of the music press was getting in a lather over punk and predicting the death of classic rock (wrongly, as it would turn out), the real headlines were these: Queen had a new album out. They’d penned two juggernaut songs – alongside a host of other genre-hopping tracks – and, in News Of The World, they were poised to break America.

Forty years after Queen truly elevated themselves to arena-filling live act, “News Of The World” is set to reappear in a 40th-anniversary box set edition spanning one LP, three CDs and a DVD, and featuring previously unheard recordings that will rock you all over again.

Due for release on 17th November, the original News Of The World album is bolstered with a whole CD of previously unheard takes from the recording sessions, making up an alternative Raw Sessions version of the album. Among the surprises on this disc are a recording of Brian May’s ‘All Dead, All Dead’, sung by Freddie Mercury and only ever heard by the band’s closest confidants; an unedited version of ‘Sheer Heart Attack’, with its intro and ending fully intact; and another unreleased full-length recording in the shape of one of the album’s indisputable classic cuts, ‘We Are The Champions’.

With a host of other differences between the Raw Sessions and the released News Of The World album versions, this disc marks one of the first times that Queen’s archives have been opened to such an extent – and it reveals plenty more jewels in the band’s crown.

One of the most stylistically varied albums in Queen’s wide-ranging body of work, News Of The World itself appears in the box set as both the 2011 CD remaster and also a band new Pure Analogue LP cut, taken direct from the unmastered analogue tapes and housed in a replica of the original 1977 artwork. A third CD offers further rarities, among them a seven-song BBC radio session, instrumental backing tracks and live recordings, while a 60-page booklet and a DVD of the unreleased Queen: The American Dream documentary take further in-depth looks behind the scenes of a phenomenal year in Queen’s truly regal history. Tracking the band both on tour and in the recording studio, Queen: The American Dream in particular captures the group as they were poised to take over the US – and further stake their claim as one of the world’s greatest rock bands.

Queen’s News Of The World: 40th Anniversary Edition box set is due for release on 17 November. A limited edition print is available for orders placed through Queen’s online store

The 40th anniversary News Of The World box set is issued next month and the band have just made available a couple of previously unreleased outtakes from the ‘Raw Sessions’ disc (CD 2 in the box), namely We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions.