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“American Beauty” is an EP to be released for Record Store day on the 19th April, The sleeve artwork is unusual in the fact that most Bruce Springsteen releases have had a picture of “the Boss” on Them, so this one features a pretty girl siting on the bonnet of a Chevy. Its got some nice tracks material from the past decade, demos that never got cut “American Beauty” same as “Hurry up Sundown” the other two songs were recorded for “Magic” or “Working on a Dream” albums songs that didnt get cut, but were good songs…so its a opportunity to put out some music and support Record Store Day at the same time .


TYRANNOSAURUS REX became T.Rex, Marc Bolan a acoustic hippy sitting cross legged on the floor with his guitar suddenly turned into using a white Fender Stratcaster Electric guitar and extended version’s of his songs and a great cover of the classic “Summertime Blues” with the name change to T.REX and the release of “Ride A White Swan” Bolan Hit the Big Time in 1971 and a Icon was born.

In 1970, Marc Bolan was in a state of creative flux that mirrored the changing decades. He’d spent the early years of his band, Tyrannosaurus Rex, playing the sort of trippy, lysergic fairy tales that typified the late ’60s period in which they were released. By October 1970, he would release the strutting “Ride A White Swan” under the shortened name T. Rex, a charting hit that presaged the glam-rock mania he’d kick off the very next year. And in between, he released A Beard Of Stars, his final album as Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the first to offer a hint of what was to come in its rocked-up final track, “Elemental Child.” Abandoning both his acoustic guitar and his gentle woodland keen for an electric boogie riff that builds to a sizzling, full-bore jam, “Elemental Child” is the sound of Bolan’s gentle, breezy hippie past being torn asunder and set on fire. By the time its five and a half minutes are up, the ’60s are officially over.


Savages a post punk rock band based in London nice photo of Founding member Guitarist Gemma Thompson their album “Silence Yourself” was released last year.


a must listen to these three young females


Another great band on the Bella Union label coming from Berlin, featuring Rosie Blair Vocals, Michel Collet Guitars and Louis McGuire Drums with a deep love of The Cocteau Twins, The Cure and the pop of Madonna they make charming Graceful Pop

taken from the Doors tribute album on Cleopatra Records this psychedelic version of LA Woman is among the highlights on this fine release, check out the Ravonettes version of “the End” or Dead Skeletons “Riders on the Storm” well just buy the album ……Mr Mojo Rising

Nice in depth profile of Gene Clark the original Byrd and songwriter of “Feel a Whole Lot Better” and “Eight Miles High” .He was only in the Byrds for a short period between 1964-66 after a short spell in the New Christy minstrels he heard the Beatles and wanted to form a rock band heading to Los Angeles he met folk singer Jim McGuinn assembled the Byrds and became the first of the country rock bands, He was the main songwriter and vocalist but a fear of flying and touring meant he left the band in 1966.  He suffered bouts of heavy drinking and this led to stomach ulcers which after surgery they removed most of his stomach and intestines which would lead later to his death in 1991.





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Haim at Rock City

Haim at Rock City

Haim at Rock City

Haim at Rock City

the sisters Haim from the San Fernando Valley started their latest UK tour in Nottingham at Rock City with one album recorded and a year of playing festivals all over the world, plus a string of great singles. There was a really long interval between the main act and the support local lad Saint Raymond and the crowd became very noisey. When HAIM finally hit the stage they launched into a rocking version of “Falling” consisting of the three sisters Daneille on lead guitars, Alana on rhythem guitars plus several percussive instruments and Este on Bass and facial posing with two further male musicians on keyboards and drums. Early into the set was their blistering version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh Well” from the Peter Green era its acover that has been in the set from the start, Danielle played some scorching lead while Este climbed onto the speakers to give us even more facial posturing on “My Song” Este invited the crowd to shake their ass, “Don’t Save Me” plus Beyonces “XO” and the highlight of the set “The Wire” after which the girls shared the dissapointment of not having pancakes with Este asking for cream and strawberries, then a sparkling “Forever” a sold out crowd and a band with great vocals and accomplished musicians.

its so good to see PRINCE on stage, Ive seen him about 30 times, he is not just an amazing performer but also a fantastic guitar player


LIVE SESSION: PRINCE – “Let’s Go Crazy” @ Manchester, UK, Feb 22, 2014.

Prince has been gallivanting around England, playing a series of impromptu concerts with 3rdEyeGirl. He’s shared footage from his recent concert in Manchester, a truly epic live rendition of “Let’s Go Crazy”.

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