JULIA JACKLIN – ” Be Careful With Yourself “

Posted: December 6, 2022 in MUSIC

When one of today’s best songwriters has a new album, anticipation is high. Julia Jacklin delivers on “Pre Pleasure”, gifting us with her best sounding LP so far.

The production gives extra punch in ‘Love, Try Not To Let Go’, where the anxious rush of the chorus lyric is matched by a crescendo of instruments, before pulling back to the calm of a piano line. It’s a perfect sonic message of Julia’s inner thoughts, that duck paddling madly under water, it hit me for six when I first heard it.

I love getting tangled in her stories, making them my own while also thinking about the stories she tells us with every new work, the chapters of her life. Her compulsion to share and understand herself is such a gift for us to experience as art. 

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