PRESS CLUB –  ” Endless Motion “

Posted: December 6, 2022 in MUSIC

Press Club‘s third record begins with what sounds like a strike of a match and a winding high pitch. It sets the sense of anticipation high for what’s to follow with lead track ‘Eugene’, a song that flares up like a flame hitting something combustible.

The pace barely relents from there with the forward thrust of ‘Coward Street’, the surging rhythm and sneer of ‘Untitled Wildlife’ with its declaration ‘This sunburnt country’s getting burned to the ground’.

There’s barely contained fury, razored exasperation and a firm middle finger defiance that races throughout this taut collection of songs. It’s very much the sound of a band cutting themselves loose, getting shit off their chests, and revelling in running their own race at their own adrenaline pumping pace. 

Press Club under exclusive license to Hassle Records Released on: 2022-10-14

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