ATMOS BLOOM – ” Flora “

Posted: December 6, 2022 in MUSIC

Atmos Bloom’s music is all shy smiles across crowded rooms and half-remembered strolls through city parks. The power of these seemingly inconsequential scenes is foregrounded in the Manchester duo’s pastel-hued pop songs, collected in their debut mini-LP Flora. A pandemic project that “bloomed into something a little bit more special”—as their Bandcamp bio winks—Flora may exude the nervous energy of a meet-cute in a florist, but the ease with which Tilda Gratton and Curtis Paterson converse could lull even the most concrete skeptic into believing they’ve been at this for years.

Bouncy pop-punk tracks such as “Daisy” are disguised beneath sheets of reverb. “Picnic in the Rain” (was there ever a more poignant name for a song?) evokes The Cure at their bubbliest. And “Morning Sun”’s languid groove archives the ache that comes when we lose part of ourselves. In a subway carriage already oversubscribed with Cocteau Twins advocates, the self-christened dreamgazers are pushing their way to the front. 

Atmos Bloom is the dreamy, gazey duo made up of London-based musicians Curtis Paterson & Tilda Gratton. the project began as a means to escape from a lock-downed world… but later bloomed into something a little bit more special…Like being transported to the early 90’s, warm summer days, curtains closed, The Field Mice playing on a dusty 33 rpm.

released July 15th, 2022

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