BOOTER – ” 10/10 “

Posted: December 6, 2022 in MUSIC

Booter‘s first record is a kind of spiritual sequel to the Weakerthans’ first record. The guitars have a similarly warm and woody tone, lightly sparked with overdrive. That likable, rough-around-the-edges production style makes it easy to imagine you’re there in the practice room as snow blankets a sleepy Winnipeg, their mutual hometown. The songs are short and fast and indicate how both bands would expand their sound on following releases. Lastly, both bands take their time, with “10/10” produced sporadically over two years by none other than Weakerthans collaborator Cam Loeppky. 

Connections to the retired indie rockers aside, though, Booter’s is an accomplished record in its own right—and a deeply thoughtful and open one at that. Vocalist and chief songwriter Alannah Walker, who is queer, sings of crushing on straight girls. She laments how dissolved relationships continue to affect us, and contends with modern capitalist struggles while exploring who she is outside of a relationship. Music such as Booter’s doesn’t have the inclination to change the world—but ask any Weakerthans fan if the band changed their life, and the answer will always be yes. Given time, Booter may do the same. 

released September 9, 2022

all songs by Alannah Walker, except seventeen by Brendon Yarish

Booter is:
Alannah Walker
Brendon Yarish
Ian Ellis
David Schellenberg

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