NEW ORDER – ” Movement ” Deluxe Edition Box Set

Posted: November 17, 2022 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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New Order’s debut album is being celebrated with a deluxe box set due in April.  Entitled “Movement (Definitive Edition)”, the box set will include the original LP with its iconic, Peter Saville-designed sleeve, as well as a CD in a vinyl replica sleeve.  Also included are a bonus CD of previously unreleased demos, recording sessions, and alternate mixes, as well as a DVD of live concerts and TV appearances, and a hardbound book-all housed in a loft-off lid box.

New Order originally released their debut album ‘Movement’ on November 13th, 1981.

Where does a band go after Joy Division, with Martin Hannet producing guitarist Bernard Sumner, percussionist Stephen Morris and bassist Peter Hook they took a forward yet somewhat sideways step. With the addition of Gillian Gilbert on synths and programming they almost created and defined a new genre. Unlike the Joy Division recordings they showed a willingness to experiment a little more in the studio, possibly much can be attributed to Hannett. “Movement” is as with JD gloomy and atmospheric but remains shimmering and crisp. Stephen Morris’s blend of drums and drum machines drives “Movement” and the change of vocals throughout makes for an interesting interplay.

Peter Hook said that with “Movement” they were seeking their sound, it’s hard to deny that transition and influence of the trio from Joy Division’s resolute, stark post-punk to the powerhouse outfit of dancefloor classics like “Blue Monday,” “Temptation,” and “Bizarre Love Triangle” can’t be understated.

“Chosen Time” with its infectious bass and guitar riff must rate as a NO obscure classic.

There was a later release with “Everything’s Gone Green”, “Mesh”, “Procession”, “In A Lonely Place” among the rest, they created a masterpiece that would be the career highlight of any other post-punk band.

“Movement” for what is, is only succeeded by New Order’s work in the future.

History and music by New Order and information on the New Wave and Post Punk period can be found at what may not be the biggest but is arguably the best . Where it’s about the music and the history and nothing else matters.

Lift off lid box including the vinyl LP in its original sleeve, original album CD in replica mini album sleeve, a bonus CD of previously unreleased tracks, DVD of live shows and TV appearances plus a 48 page hardbound book.

The spine of the LP sleeve features ‘FACD 50’ as the catalogue number rather than ‘FACT. 50’ (a misprint). Despite CD1’s disc face showing ‘Remaster 2019’ CD-Text reveals ‘2015 Remastered Version’ in brackets next to each track. The white inner CD1 sleeve features ‘FCL PRODUCT Nr.50’ at the bottom on both sides.

CD2 ‘Extras’ recording information:
CD2-1 to CD2-5 recorded at Western Works Studios, Sheffield, September, 1980.
CD2-6 to CD2-14 recorded at Cargo Studios, Rochdale, January, 1981.
CD2-15 recorded at EARS, New Jersey, September 1980 and mixed at Strawberry Studios, Stockport, November 1980.
CD2-16 recorded at Advision Studios, London, January 1982.

DVD phonographic, copyright and other information:
NTSC, Region 0, Aspect ratio 4:3
Audio Stereo & Mono, Dolby Digital DVD-9
Duration 2 hours 57 minutes approx.

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