Posted: July 27, 2022 in MUSIC

Leipzig psych/krautrock group Flying Moon In Space are today releasing their second album, ‘Zwei’ You can stream/download the album and buy the vinyl (out July 15th)

Arriving following their 2020 self-titled debut and this year’s remix 12″, Flying Moon In Space said of the new album: “Zwei” has a more structured, poppy side compared to our debut, even though sound-wise we opened up to more experimental layers – using synthesisers for the first time, loops and field recordings. The process behind this LP was manifold – testing out personal and aesthetic borders, and carrying on our idea of what Flying Moon In Space can be sonically.”

On their previous album, Flying Moon In Space honed in an improv-driven approach to their art that, when committed to wax, resulted in a maximalist, shape-shifting melting pot of psych-pop, krautrock, techno and math-rock. This approach, however, was an extension of their live shows: huge, improvised performances that were known to last hours at a time. As they began work on the album’s follow-up whilst the world shut down around them, it’s of little surprise that the resulting ‘Zwei’ LP sees Flying Moon In Space change course (but get no less creative with it.)

The latest album from the six-piece will arrive off the back of their highly-praised and sold-out self-titled debut album and a recent remix 12″ that featured reworkings of tracks from the S/T album courtesy of kindred spirits Xiu Xiu, Suuns, A Place To Bury Strangers, Minami Deutsch, Camera and Warm Graves.

The band are currently out on a UK/EU tour in support of the new LP,

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