BEACH BUNNY – ” Emotional Creature “

Posted: July 27, 2022 in MUSIC

We are excited to share our sophomore album “Emotional Creature” is out now!!! 

“Emotional Creature” is, at its centre, an album about allowing oneself to feel the full spectrum of human emotions, to let go of the shame associated with having big feelings, and to be more kind to yourself. We are all humans enduring a lifetime of experiences – I wanted this album to be authentically vulnerable and not only cover topics that cause big emotions to arise but to address the shame that many, including myself, carry with respect to what we choose to express as acceptable emotions and what emotions are deemed inappropriate. It can be quite suffocating for me to not allow myself to process and feel and this album in a way gave me permission to feel everything I was suppressing for a long time.

At her first-ever show in London, Lili Trifilio played what might be her favourite song from “Emotional Creature”, her record with Beach Bunny. Since it hadn’t been released at the time, she led the audience through a practice run of the ending bridge on “Weeds,” an irresistible chant: “You keep taking another piece of me / Not your problem / Not my problem.” But the crowd at Camden Assembly that night didn’t need much encouragement: “The song stopped, but the audience kept singing that line really, really loud almost screaming it with no music behind them,” she recalls a month later over Zoom. “I’m excited for the moment where people know the song well enough that I don’t even have to teach them; we’re all just screaming it together and having that letting-go moment.”

It’s that kind of spontaneous outpouring that makes up the very DNA of “Emotional Creature“. From its dealings with zero-G euphoria to its run-ins with shame and anxiety, the record finds the Chicago-based singer/songwriter wrestling with the futility of running from her feelings, going beyond even the heart-on-sleeve pop rock of her 2020 debut LP, “Honeymoon“. “I’ve come to peace with a lot of stuff from the past few years, and I’ve realized that I shouldn’t be shameful of being a sensitive, emotional person,” says Trifilio. “I feel things in a big way, and it gives really good fuel for song writing, so I just gotta embrace it.”

Beach Bunny’s New Album ‘Emotional Creature’ Out Now

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