WET SATIN – ” Wet Satin “

Posted: July 27, 2022 in MUSIC

Californian electronic duo Wet Satin (comprised of former Lumerians members Jason Miller and Marc Melzer)are releasing their new single ‘Golden Prawn’ The latest to be lifted from their incoming self-titled debut album out August 12th on Fuzz Club Records.

Taking a step away from the brain-frying space-rock/psych wig-outs harnessed in their 15 years playing together in Lumerians, Wet Satin deals in what the duo call “Kosmische Tropicale” – an expression of reverence and enthusiasm growing from a long-time shared obsession with lost Cosmic Disco, Cumbia, Afrofunk and Library Music records. “We wanted to make something fun. Not too serious, but not frivolous either. Something that paid respect to its influences by adding a square to the quilt rather than trying to make a replica.”

Wet Satin is a new project that got underway when the pair disbanded Lumerians in 2020 and then proceeded to suddenly have a lot of unplanned downtime for some reason. Borne out of a desire to offer up a more uplifting and hedonistic respite from our reigning hellscape, Miller says of Wet Satin’s intentions: “We started writing this album during a pretty bleak and heavy time, which I guess sort of sounds like ‘we started writing this album on a Wednesday’ now, but that’s sort of the point too. There’s an endless buffet of suffering you have a lifetime pass to gorge yourself on whenever you want it, but there’s also a lesser-known dance club attached where you can work off some of those doom calories. Music has the ability to alter your environment and take you somewhere else. We genuinely had a lot of fun writing and recording this. The process fell somewhere in between over-indulgence and necessary catharsis, but it achieved a kind of balance in the end. It’s a travel brochure for a very specifically peculiar psychological terrain. We think you’ll have fun there. Try the hot springs.”

New single “Golden Prawn” is a surreal science fiction odyssey, powered by oxygen deprivation, that takes place at the bottom of a swimming pool.

“We recorded this last summer in a basement in Grass Valley, California. It captures the feeling of a surreal summer, reframed as a sort of psychedelic Cumbia science fiction odyssey that takes place at the bottom of a swimming pool. We were watching lots of experimental films and listening to synth-driven Colombian music, which we found a comforting alternative to an increasingly bizarre news cycle and fractured shared reality.”

The album arrives on 180g baby pink vinyl and is included in the August Fuzz Club Membership package. There is also an exclusive LEVITATION Edition available in the US on cream vinyl with pink + orange splatter.

Wet Satin’s self-titled debut album, due out August 12 on Fuzz Club Records.

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