SOUR WIDOWS – ” Crossing Over ” EP

Posted: July 24, 2022 in MUSIC

When I think of San Francisco Bay Area trio Sour Widows (Maia Sinaiko, Susanna Thomson and Max Edelman) playing live, I think of “Crossing Over,” the sprawling center piece from their 2021-standout EP of the same name. Inspired by a true story, the song captures a moment of pure catharsis in performance: “We caught the storm pulling in / From Ohio to Wisconsin / Let the guitars wail / And the flood take the basement / Screamed to sing above it,” Thomson recalls.

Sour Widows’ slowcore-imbued “bedroom rock” captures such a storm’s intensity in every way, from the eerie quiet that precedes it to the explosive force of its crescendo and the light that breaks through the clouds in its aftermath.

With “Crossing Over”, Sour Widows discover a new intensity by turning inward. The second EP from this Bay Area band dials back some of the volume that drove their self-titled 2020 debut to make space for themes of self-reflection and painful change that cut through with sharpened clarity. The luminous vocal harmonies, complex guitar interplay, and understated drumming that have been at the core of the band’s sound remain foundational; but these four songs reach deeper, all the more stirring in their subtlety.

“Witness” is a patient, poignant slow-core track that explores the murky depths of loss and pain. Sour Widows—Maia Sinaiko, Susanna Thomson and Max Edelman move through grief’s disparate emotional spaces, from steely resolve (“I’ve had practice / I can let things die”) to overwhelming heartache (“My heart beating / Like a fist against the veil”) and a sense of insignificance—as if dwarfed by the enormity of life and death, and the inexorability of time (“The moments repeat / and feedback into and endlessly”). All the while, their dynamic rock fortifies these feelings, peaking as Sinaiko and Thomson vocalize together, then finding a gentler form in its home stretch, like the clear skies after a storm has blown through. “This is the first song we finished since I lost my mom in June 2021,” Thomson says of the song in a statement. “Monumental loss creates a very clear divide between those in your life who can understand the depth of that kind of pain and those who can’t. ‘Witness’ speaks to that experience.”

Written by Sour Widows

Guitar and vocals: Susanna Thomson
Guitar and vocals: Maia Sinaiko
Drums: Max Edelman
Bass: Timmy Stabler

“Crossing Over” by Sour Widows from their EP ‘Crossing Over’ released April 23rd, 2021 on Exploding in Sound Records.

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