OPUS KINK – ” Dog Stay Down “

Posted: July 24, 2022 in MUSIC

If you have heard Opus Kink the buzz coming off the new Brighton band is enough to set everyone’s ears ringing – mixing raucous Western punk with screaming brass that can blow the speakers out. Coming out of somewhere between The Birthday Party and Madness, frontman Angus Rogers breaking out a full-punk tarantella dangerously hovering around.

After releasing a series of increasingly tantalising singles and playing some rather exhilarating live shows this sextet have now put together an EP they describe as “six songs of bad love, ill winds, possession, stagnation, and earthly delights.” It is an apt summary for a record that’s thick with poignant, carefully crafted, in places, unsettling lyrics; a feat of storytelling as well as music. This storytelling element is one of the strongest features, setting this EP apart, indeed; it is particularly successful in the way that the lyrics and the music work together in painting a vivid picture, the descriptions outlined by sound compounding those created by the words into a whole that is smoothly and accurately delivered.

There truly is a raconteur’s grace to the band’s blend of rock, blues, and country suggestions, brought together with a subtly punk edge and a shrewd use of vocals, both main and backing, all meant to summon an atmosphere which is somewhere in between old western movie and late night in a dingy bar.

Opus Kink – “Dog Stay Down”, out now on Nice Swan Records.

Our debut EP “Til The Stream Runs Dr”y is our now everywhere, vinyl and digital, prostrate and heaving, thank be to all gods.

We have a string or UK headline dates in September to commiserate the release of our EP. Tickets are flying for these shows and we’d urge you to pick up yours now rather than suffer eternal public shame.

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