ENUMCLAW – ” Cowboy Bepop “

Posted: July 24, 2022 in MUSIC

Tacoma, Washington’s own rising rock stars Enumclaw are back with another single from their debut album “Save the Baby”, coming October 14th on Luminelle Recordings. “Cowboy Bepop” follows June’s “Jimmy Neutron,” hailed as one of the year’s best songs (so far). Over his and Nathan Cornell’s warm guitars, Aramis Johnson’s narrator finds himself happy with his life, yet longing for more control as it flies by. ”’Cause if you had to choose, would you / Wanna be brand new? / Well, joke’s on you, nothing’s new / I’m just the same as you,” he sings, finding peace in helplessness—like throwing your arms in the air on a rollercoaster. When a volcanic guitar solo punctuates his contemplation (“If you had to choose / What would you do?”), it hits like all of life’s possibilities manifesting at once. 

Official music video for Enumclaw’s new single “Cowboy Bepop” off of their forthcoming debut album “Save the Baby.”

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