SKULLCRUSHER – ” Quiet the Room “

Posted: July 24, 2022 in MUSIC

Helen Ballentine aka Skullcrusher has announced her debut album “Quiet the Room” will be released October 14th via Secretly Canadian. the lead single ‘Whatever Fits Together’ is accompanied by a video by Silken Weinberg.

“I wrote ‘Whatever Fits Together’ while reflecting on my past and wondering how I might begin to explain it to someone,” Ballentine explained in a statement. “I viewed my younger self through a wash of emotions: anger, sadness, pity, confusion, all reaching for a kind of compassion. I tried to capture the contradictions that comprise my past and define who I am now. As I looked back, I saw my life in pieces: some moments blacked out, some extremely vivid, some leading nowhere. Through the song I attempt to piece it together in some non-linear form and accept my disparate story.”

Lead single “Whatever Fits Together,” out now alongside a music video, is Ballentine’s first release since her acclaimed 2021 EP “Storm in Summer”. “Whatever Fits Together” embeds Ballentine’s introspective, aching song writing in sonic depth and atmosphere, her delicate voice and bright acoustic chords awash in humming reverb. As a banjo arpeggio uplifts the instrumental, Ballentine reflects on choices forgone that therefore became choices made: “Went along with whatever / Thought I knew what I wanted / Never knew what I wanted.” Her plaintive delivery conveys all of the emotion wrapped up in the act of this accounting, as if she’s indicting and forgiving herself at once, simply through the act of attempting to understand. As the song finally falls to pieces, Ballentine chooses the present moment above all else, asking amid ethereal fragments of sound, “If we’re here, does it matter?”

Ensure you catch Skullcrusher at End Of The Road festival in September 2022.

“Quiet the Room” will follow 2020’s releases “Skullcrusher” EP and 2021’s “Storm in Summer” EP.

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