POOL KIDS – ” Pool Kids “

Posted: July 24, 2022 in MUSIC

Hailing from Tallahassee, Florida, Pool Kids started out as the duo of guitarist and vocalist Christine Goodwyne and drummer Caden Clinton, who wrote the entirety of the band’s 2018 debut “Music to Practice Safe Sex To”. The LP, equal parts forceful and contemplative, caught the attention of Hayley Williams, who claimed it sounded like what Paramore “wished we sounded like in the early 2000s.” Now a four-piece adding Andy Anaya on guitar and Nicolette Alvarez on bass, Pool Kids have only grown since then, having toured with acts like the Wonder Years and Into It. Over It.

For their they teamed up with producer Mike Vernon Davis, polishing up their sound and dialling up the dynamics: Pool Kids balances technical virtuosity with tight hooks, explosive choruses and nuanced, evocative lyricism in a way that few bands can pull off with such infectious confidence. Emotionally and otherwise, it wasn’t an easy process: not just because the songs touch on childhood trauma and the dissolution of a long-term relationship – the ferocity of the music sweeps away any negativity that comes up – but because an actual flood hit the studio just days before the record was completed. Knowing that they powered through and managed to save Pool Kids only makes it more of a triumph.

Pool Kids is:
Christine Goodwyne: Vocals, Guitar
Andrew Anaya: Guitar
Nicolette Alvarez: Bass
Caden Clinton: Drums

“Arm’s Length” is taken from Pool Kids’ self titled album, out July 22nd, 2022.

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