MIYA FOLICK – ” 2007″ EP “

Posted: July 24, 2022 in MUSIC

Miya Folcik’s first new music in three years is the sound of her capturing an end of the road moment. “You know that something needs to change, and for the first time, you’re willing to try anything,” she says in a statement. The road forward may be long, but you’re in good hands in Folick’s company.

Miya Folick has also released another new song called ‘Nothing to See’. Produced by Big Thief collaborator Andrew Sarlo, the track is the latest offering from her upcoming EP 2007, following ‘Oh God’ and ‘Ordinary’. It comes with an accompanying video directed by Noah Kentis.

“This song is about falling in love with someone emotionally unavailable,” Folick explained in a statement. “Someone whose feelings and desires were so obscured to me and themselves, that I had to become a detective. I studied their life for clues and tried to fit the role of the person I thought they’d like. Eventually we broke up, and I realized that I’d lost the plot on my own life. My body and personality and life were so populated by the interests of this person, that once they were gone, there was nothing left to see. But, to me, this song isn’t bleak. I think there’s power in being brave enough to say, ‘I was made a fool by you’.”

The “2007” EP arrives in September via Nettwerk.
Released on Nettwerk Records (on behalf of Nettwerk Music Group)

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