TOPS – ” Empty Seats ” EP

Posted: July 22, 2022 in MUSIC

Tops’ tendency to opt towards making straight-forward, stripped down and honest recordings lets their pop song writing shine out in the open. With aheart firmly attached to their sleeves, their songcraft delves into the emotional intricacy of personal relationships, asking questions about power and desire. Riley Fleck’s measured drumming and David Carriere’s trademark guitar licks work in tandem and in service of Jane Penny’s unmistakable, wistful voice.

Tops can’t write a bad song. This EP is full of funky pop earworms that will have you dancing all around your room. 

Tracklist: 1. Perfect Steps (00:00) 2. Janet Planet (06:38) 3. Waiting (09:59) 4. Party Again (13:13) 5. Future Waits (15:58)

A new EP from a band that just keeps getting better and better with every release! “Waiting” is the perfect recipe for the dreamy pop music this band has perfected over the years. 

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