GRACIE GRAY – ” Anna “

Posted: July 22, 2022 in MUSIC

Throughout “anna”, Los Angeles songwriter Ann Grace Gray aka Gracie Gray’s voice rises and falls like a downy feather in a breeze. One minute it hits your ears like a cool, sharp wind, the next it’s a warm flutter. Gray says her debut album, recorded and produced at home, is ‘about holding onto love for yourself through all of life’s changes’, a sentiment that authentically plays out through its often delicate arrangements of acoustic guitar, piano and the lightest touch of percussion and intimate lyrics that cut to the bone. Gray paints in much darker tones on ‘Happiness’, ‘Love You’ and ‘Dig’, which take their cues from grunge, slow-core and folk-drone, with shades of Grouper or Squirrel Flower.

Ultimately, “anna” is a gentle, slow-burning night time gem that hints that there is a powerful emotional presence somewhere behind all this, out of sight, contained for now.

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