SEA LEMON – ” Close Up ” EP

Posted: July 22, 2022 in MUSIC

Sea Lemon’s Natalie Lew dives into the sweet and dreamy depths of her debut EP ‘Close Up,’ a dynamic and dazzling introduction full of raw passion and refreshingly intimate, unfiltered energy.

Dynamic and dazzling as it is tender and raw, Sea Lemon’s debut EP is an enchanting record full of raw passion and refreshingly unfiltered energy. It’s an impressively cohesive and expansive set, setting a high bar while bringing us deep into the artist’s world all at once. Dwelling in sweet, dreamy depths of weight and wonder, “Close Up” captures the intimacy, intensity, sincerity, and fragility of an artist we cannot wait to hear more from in the months and years ahead.

“Close Up” is bright, churning, and charming: An immersive five-track introduction that all but ensures we remember the name Sea Lemon. The project of 26-year-old singer, songwriter, and guitarist Natalie Lew, Sea Lemon takes sonic inspirations from “the lush dreamy atmosphere of Alvvays and Chromatics and the bittersweet glittery vibes of The Beach Boys and Rilo Kiley.”

Sea Lemon’s debut EP out now on Spirit Goth Records [SG43]!

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