SWEET TRIP – ” Seen/Unseen “

Posted: July 22, 2022 in MUSIC

The cult indie/shoegaze duo Sweet Trip issued a massive, three-disc, 50-song collection of unreleased material titled “Seen/Unseen“. It’s a thrilling drop from a band whose most recent studio albums were issued 12 years apart. The label Darla Records (whose frankly spectacular catalogue is itself overdue for a renaissance) cited an unofficial Youtube compilation of Sweet Trip’s Soundcloud uploads as the basis of the sprawling box, and added more material from the duo’s personal archives.

Sweet Trip were an experimental rock act formed in 1993 in the Bay Area of California, United States, by musicians Valerie Cooper and Roberto Burgos. They are known for their dreamy soundscapes and dense production techniques, often blending alternative rock subgenres with intelligent dance music; they are also known for their cult following online, specifically around their second album, “Velocity : Design : Comfort”

Songs like “Route of Escape” track the duo’s indier leanings, recalling such noisy, lo-fi, ‘90s college-radio staples as Superchunk, the Poster Children, or Pastels, while others, such as “To Live on Valium,” blend shoegaze guitars and hazy, emo-inspired vocals, landing somewhere between Slowdive and vintage Red House Painters.

All told, Seen/Unseen feels like an appropriate send-off, marking the end of an era for this iteration of Sweet Trip with a collection that makes for an excellent point of entry for new or curious listeners.

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