BREAD PILOT – ” New To You “

Posted: July 22, 2022 in MUSIC

Bread Pilot started in 2011 in Connecticut, high schoolers Taylor Hayden, Stephen Ibanez Jr, and Evan House began collaborating after meeting at one of Connecticut’s many basement shows – the three bonded over Animal Collective’s freeform writing style and discovered their shared appreciation for textured, atmospheric music.

After years of writing and touring, they tossed out many of their original tunes – hours of long jams, screams, and scattered arrangements – but several pieces still begged for the attention they deserved.

Those songs make up “New To You”, Bread Pilot’s full-length label debut that maps out a decade of memorable places and momentous occasions while exploring life’s most intimate emotions through detailed and dynamic arrangements. Catching the attention of Brooklyn indie label Double Double Whammy, “New to You” stands not only as the band’s first official debut, but as a testament to how far the band can push itself to reach its full potential – a blend of songs that are poppy and catchy, but non-traditional and non-linear.

Its softness and tenderness are at odds with emotion too strong to hold back and too intense to be hushed. Their harmonies are gentle and earnest, revealing years of deep friendship and connection. The move to Seattle was a catalyst for “New to You’s” completion, but Bread Pilot has provided an immersive, wistful escape from the disharmony of this world since the beginning.

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