SHELTERHEART – ” Shelterheart “

Posted: July 22, 2022 in MUSIC

Written in the southwest with the cacti and the dust kicking up around the clear sky, this album is about living in the future and looking to the past with some notion of peace tying them together. It’s a record of a personal odyssey into subtle and not so subtle struggles with mental health, love, and loss. Surrounded by dogs who were slated for to be put down but were spared to find a second chance.

Lead vocals and acoustic guitar were recorded by Wren in the doorway of Rancho Cowabunga studios in Arizona with the engineering guidance of Keith Abbott. Then they were sent through buzzing wires to Along the Way Studios on the Gulf Coast in the deepest south where Luke Franks added literally every other sound you hear and produced, mixed, mastered it into what it is today. Taken from a pen and ink sketch by Wren, the album cover design and concept was the work of Ryan Strong.

Luke and Wren make up Shelterheart and most folks who have heard this album note that it’s a turning point for the band and a worthy listen for you in your day to day life.

Shelterheart is Luke and Wren, friends who have been playing music together since 2005 when they met in the Bay Area, California. Toured together in long forgotten rock bands and various other musical projects up and down the west coast and the southwest for years. Though they live on different sides of the country nowadays (west coast/gulf coast), their musical collaboration has become so constant that they formed the band Shelterheart in 2018. Wren writes the songs – records them with acoustic guitar and singing and Luke orchestrated and produces all of the backing tracks. Wren’s drawings and paintings serve as an important visual component for Shelterheart and you will see them sprinkled throughout the band’s physical and virtual presence. Shelterheart’s first two EPs were released independently online. In 2022, Perpetual Doom and Along The Way Records will release Shelterheart’s debut full length album.

Released April 8th, 2022

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