The LONE BELLOW – ” Gold “

Posted: July 22, 2022 in MUSIC

The Lone Bellow Lyrics “Gold” This town’s too small for second chances Prom kings and queens and true romantics Main street on the auction block Let the window down, feel the wind Johnny put the paycheck in his arm Let the window down, let it in It’s in my blood, it’s in the water It’s calling me still I could leave, I know I oughta. “We don’t ever try to write songs with an agenda, so with ‘Gold’ the idea was to tell the story from the perspective of someone in a hard situation—in this case, a guy who’s stuck in the downward spiral of addiction,” stated guitarist Brian Elmquist. “We’ve sung ‘Gold’ as a folk song in the past, but for the recording we wanted to really experiment and push our sound as far as it could go.”

Nashville-based trio The Lone Bellow released their new single titled “Gold.” The first new release since their triumphant 2020 album “Half Moon Light”, “Gold” embodies an unvarnished intensity with a galvanizing look at the real-life impact of the opioid crisis. Recorded with their long time bassist Jason Pipkin and drummer Julian Dorio, the chorus explodes in a wild collision of bright piano tones, potent beats, and massively stacked guitars.

released July 21st, 2022
Written by Zachary Williams, Brian Elmquist and Trent Dabbs

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