VANCOUVER SLEEP CLINIC – ” Fallen Paradise “

Posted: July 19, 2022 in MUSIC

Tim Bettinson makes as Vancouver Sleep Clinic beautifully full of sounding music full of lush arrangement, here and there some bombast or just stillness and always the special voice of the Australian musician. After some cursory listening I quickly put fallen “Paradise” by Vancouver Sleep Clinic aside, but somehow the album continued to attract my attention and rightly so. This Australian musician has delivered a particularly beautifully coloured and surprisingly versatile sounding album. Tim Bettinson’s songs all sound timeless, but at the same time they also have a special sound of their own, which is largely determined by the high vocals.

Fallen Paradise” the third studio album by Vancouver Sleep Clinic, which is another project by Australian musician Tim Bettinson. The Brisbane musician’s previous two albums which were mostly compared to Bon Iver’s music.

Tim Bettinson recorded “Fallen Paradise” together with producer Charlie Perry, who provided the album with a nicely groomed sound. This is Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s third album is an album that can’t just be pigeonholed. “Fallen Paradise” is an album that is remarkably spatially sound, where you can choose both subdued and atmospheric sounds or a much richer coloured sound with lush arrangements.

It is a sound that is partly electronic and partly organically coloured and that is certainly of a special beauty when choosing dreamy sounds. It all fits beautifully with the special voice of Tim Bettinson, who achieves remarkably high notes in his lashings, but who can also sing languidly and sultry.

Also in terms of genre, Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s is not an album that you just put a label on. The Australian musician opts for ambient sounds in the most subdued moments, but just as easily makes sultry pop with an edge of R&B, the true strength of the album lies in the fascinating way in which the tension is built up and in the special atmosphere that Tim Bettinson creates in his music.

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