WEEKEND PUNKS – ” The Weekend Punks ” EP

Posted: July 19, 2022 in MUSIC

Southampton based band The Weekend Punks play surf Pop. Reverb on everything, distortion on most things. It’s “Fuzzed out reverbed guitar work atop some lo fi 90’s styled drumming, with some chilled back beachside style vocals” . Weekend Punks are an indie rock band with elements of punk contained within their music – they released a new EP back in November, titled “Weekend Punks” EP. I loved the new wave vibes of the EP and wanted to share it with the world – make sure you check the EP out 

The Theme From The Weekend Punks” is the first song on this three track EP, encapsulating their sound perfectly. Fuzzy surf rock guitar melodies are the name of the game here, with the track having a wonderfully upbeat melody and vocals .

Backseat Driver” is the intermediary track, starting out a little slower than the previous song. The tempo soon ramps up with the introduction of the percussion, although the track does have quite a dreamy feel to it. The vocals have a sultry feel to them that slips and slides in between the music in a fabulous manner.

“Stay” is the final tune on this EP – I felt it had something of a garage rock vibe to it, in part due to the fuzzy guitars and drums that kick things off. The tempo is a little slower here than the other songs, but it sounds no less amazing. The backing vocals add a catchy element to proceedings, moving well with the lead vocals.

Written and recorded between Southampton (UK) and Reykjavik (Iceland), Weekend Punks play Surf Pop, but with relatively little experience of surf or sun. Reverb on everything, distortion on most things, and a nostalgia for places and times never visited.

Performed by:
Matthew Bayford (Guitars)
Rosie Blacher (Vocals)
David Fletcher (Drums)
Matthew Mead (Bass)

Released November 19th, 2021

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