The DREAM SYNDICATE – ” It’s Too Late To Stop Now “

Posted: July 19, 2022 in MUSIC

This one came out as an authorized bootleg back in 1989, compiled from various radio performances, studio outtakes and live performances by our friend and archivist Pat Thomas. It’s long since been out of print but we have a digital version ready to download at our new Virtual Merch Table site on Bandamp along with our summer line of t-shirts.

The Dream Syndicate
Originally released 1989

1. Slide Away (Studio demo, July 1985)
2. Daddy’s Girl (KXLU radio broadcast, August 1987)
3. If You Should Ever Need a Fool (KCRW radio broadcast, July 1988)
4. Whatever You Please (KCRW radio broadcast, December 1987)
5. Running From the Memory (Studio Demo, August 1987)
6. Cinnamon Girl (Studio recording, February 1987)
7. When You Smile (Live at Scorgie’s, Rochester, NY, July, 1985)
8. Witness (Live at The Stone, San Francisco, November, 1984)
9. Listen to the Lion/Tell Me When It’s Over (Live in London, March, 1987)
10. Halloween (Live at the I-Beam, San Francisco, December 1988)
11. John Coltrane Stereo Blues (Studio Outtake, 1983)
12. The Medicine Show (Live in San Francisco, December 1987)
13. The Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man (KCRW radio broadcast, July 1988)
14. Killing Time (KCRW radio broadcast, December 1987)
15. Closer (KCRW radio broadcast, December 1987)

Released June 29th, 2022

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