KEVIN ROWLAND & DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS – ” Too-Rye-Ay, As It Should Have Sounded “

Posted: July 19, 2022 in MUSIC

To tie in with the 40th anniversary of the multi-platinum selling album, we present ‘Too-Rye-Ay, as it should have sounded’. Kevin Rowland was never happy with the final mix of the album, despite its huge commercial success. So with Helen O’Hara, and Pete Schwier they decided to mix it again. In recent interviews Kevin has stated: ‘The songs and performances are great, but I always felt the mixes could be better. The new edition of the landmark record, which will be out on October 14th through UMC.

Kevin Rowland was never happy with the final mix of the album, which was first released by Mercury Records in July 1982, despite its huge commercial success.

It’s my most successful album, but it doesn’t sound as good as the others… This is the director’s cut and it’s how it should have sounded’. The album’s cover has also been re-modelled, using the preferred image from the ‘Come On Eileen’ single sleeve. I knew it wasn’t right, and asked the label for more money to do some more mixing. They said, no that’s it, the budget is spent. And I had to live with it. Of course, tracks like “…Eileen” and one or two others turned out great, but most of the album was not mixed to the standard it should’ve been, and not mixed to the standard the performances and songs deserved.”

“The thing that’s making me most happy currently, is the fact that we are now getting a chance to release the remixed radio edit of “Old”, as a single. It was considered as a single at the time and should’ve been released. This is another wrong we are righting and I’m really happy with the track. Jack Satchell, who has worked with us for a few years now, has shot a really good video to go with it.”

Producer Pete Schwier adds: “All the material on the remix is from the original recordings, nothing new has been added. Some of the arrangements were changed, for example: on “Plan B” we moved the brass to come in earlier and the ‘girl’ talking was replaced with Kevin’s, which he recorded at the time.

“On “Liars A to E” we brought the backing vocals down an octave in places, as Kevin felt they were too high and on “Until I Believe In My Soul”, we replaced the ‘penny whistle’ on the intro with Jim’s trombone, also recorded at the time. The remix itself was quite straightforward – trying to bring as much emotion as possible to the songs, and because technology has advanced so much a lot of pops, noises and artefacts that were on the original multi-tracks we were able to clean up.

“The brief was to create an alternative mix, keeping the spirit of the original recordings and shed new light on some of these great songs. I hope this has been achieved.”

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