GOON – ” Angelnumber 1210 “

Posted: July 19, 2022 in MUSIC

After beginning as mastermind Kenny Becker’s noise-grunge project six-plus years ago, Goon has taken a psych-rock tack since their 2019 full-length “Heaven Is Humming.” The quartet got warm, woozy and way-out on February’s EP, “Paint By Numbers, Vol. 1,” on which Becker was backed by a new line-up: drummer Andy Polito, guitarist Dillon Peralta and bassist Tamara Simons.

Now comes “Angelnumber 1210,” a deep-thoughts psych-rocker if ever there was one. It’s the first single from Goon’s sophomore album, “Hour of Green Evening,” arriving July 15th. It was made with producer-engineer Phil Hartunian (who’s worked with the likes of Petey, Cobra Man and Mega Bog) and Alex Fischel of Spoon, who plays piano and synth on the album.

Of the single, Becker says, “My wife has always had a fondness for the number 1210, we always notice it when it pops up, and she even has it tattooed. I love being open to patterns and numbers like that. I don’t really believe that numbers have inherent prophetic meanings, but I do think they’re interesting and powerful in a way that kinda suggests some order behind the chaos of everything.”

Katie Neuhof (who’s worked with Illuminati Hotties) directs the video, which features Al Menne (Great Grandpa/Pickleboy).

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