TY SEGALL – ” Don’t Lie “

Posted: June 28, 2022 in MUSIC

Ty Segall has shared a new cover of The Mantles’ “Don’t Lie” The cover serves as the third single from Segall’s forthcoming new album, “Hello, Hi”, out July 22nd via Drag City. “Don’t Lie” originally comes from The Mantles’ 2009 self-titled debut. Segall’s rendition of the track is a soft, acoustic-guitar driven tune with some layered, psychedelic-tinged harmonies with echoes of Marc Bolan.

“Some songs are so good, you just can’t get them out of your head,” a press release explains of the cover. “And you never want to! Storing them deep inside allows you to dig ‘em up again, like (re)discovered treasure, so they can reinvigorate your worldview all over again. And so the love grows. For Ty, The Mantles’ 2009 slice of garage-pop perfection, ‘Don’t Lie’ is one of those songs.

Having played and toured with The Mantles in the Bay Area back in the day, Ty descends compassionately into the layers of morality within their affirmation anthem, uncovering a haunted sense of time passed while re-modling the surging rock around the original melody into solo acoustic performance. Intimate and disarming, Ty talks to himself with guitars and voices, an exquisite filigree for the romance cleft ruthlessly open in the lyrics; heartbreak vibes for a new age.”

In addition to the “Don’t Lie” cover, “Hello, Hi” also features the previously released “Saturday Pt. 2” and the title track. Drag City Inc. Released on: 2022-06-28

Ty will be at the Green Man Festival Brecon Beacons United Kingdom 21st August 2022

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