ZACHARY CALE – ” Skywriting “

Posted: June 27, 2022 in MUSIC

Cale is a multi-dimensional song-conjurer, capable of crafting songs that saunter and shimmer on the surface, but hold deeper, darker insights that reveal themselves upon repeated listens.” -BANDCAMP DAILY

Cale is deft at building something fresh from long established components, and it helps that he sings like a wizened troubadour ” -THE VINYL DISTRICT
“An album born out of the arriving and departing life of a touring musician and of all the reflections and questions it can throw up.” -FOLK RADIO UK

Zachary Cale has been making thoughtful, dusty, folky rock for 20 years now, most that while living in NYC, coming up alongside Sharon Van Etten and Kurt Vile. He just released his seventh album, “Skywriting”, one of his most fleshed-out, robust sounding albums to date, inspired by time on the road and packed with memorable songs and sparkling arrangements” -BROOKLYN VEGAN

“Skywriting” is the latest full length album from Zachary Cale, primarily recorded at Black Dirt Studio by Jason Meagher in upstate New York. As Cale’s seventh studio record, “Skywriting” takes on a new focus for the seasoned songwriter, pivoting to more of a band-focused rock album. Inspired by many years on the road, the songs that make up the album depict characters in a state of perpetual motion, or better yet a constant state of becoming. The gamble and sacrifice that one makes in pursuit of their art is felt in just about every line. Many of the songs reflect on time spent traveling between cities, being away from loved ones, introspective moments in motel rooms, green rooms, and long stretches of highway. 

“Melodic, guileless and affecting.” -THE BIG TAKEOVER

“As is his usual MO, Cale expertly balances the sweetness of the music with a pinch of bitterness, detailing the strange sadness of a life spent on the road.” -AQUARIUM DRUNKARD

“A lot of bands are working the lysergic country genre lately, but Cale is among the best at joining Americana songcraft with open-ended motorik-ness and spiraling guitar freakery.” -DUSTED MAGAZINE

“With a slight whisky rasp, Cale lays out motel loneliness, Highway hypnosis, solitary meditations, dark secrets, and darker nights. There’s a tension between emotional turbulence and weathered acceptance. It’s a record coming to terms with itself and what it wants out of life — one toe in gig jobs, one toe in a touring life. Cale runs the tightrope well, providing solace and sanction at once, crafting one of his most nuanced albums yet.” -RAVEN SINGS THE BLUES

Released April 8th, 2022

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