ROCK POSTERS – Jimi Hendrix , B.B King, The Move Carousel Ballroom 28th-29th-30th June1968

Posted: June 28, 2022 in MUSIC

Here is a legendary “Poster From The Past” that was never printed, for the show that never happened. Unfortunately the Carousel Ballroom went bankrupt the week before this show would have been presented. Too bad, so sad…..Had it gone on, the income from this show would surely have kept the Carousel in business a while longer. Never the less, the posters were never made and this piece never really saw the light of day. It was created by Rick Schubb who aspired to be the resident artist for the Carousel Ballroom had it survived. I am totally sure that it would have become another sought after Classic Hendrix poster had things been just a bit different.

Jimi Hendrix, along with BB King and The Move were “supposed” to play for three nights the Carousel Ballroom. It would have been a Killer show! Rick did print this Poster up long after the fact in 2005 and at one time offered it and the other pieces he did for the Carousel Ballroom for sale at his website. 

thanks The Rock Poster Art Group

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