YOUNG GUV – ” Take Up All My Time “

Posted: June 27, 2022 in MUSIC

Fucked Up guitarist Ben Cook calls his last solo album as Young Guv “a document of my two years away from the world. My healing.” “GUV III” was written in the desert of New Mexico, where Cook lived a bohemian lifestyle for nine months. “The energy there was unlike anything I’d experienced,” he revealed in the press release for the album (which is already slated to be eclipsed by a GUV IV this summer). The product of this Into the Wild–esque inertia speaks for itself. Young Guv’s melodies move with the breeze, undemanding and steeped in a half-awake languor.

The lyrics reveal a craving for human connection, and despite his meditative state, the writing is still chiefly concerned with hooks that Teenage Fanclub would approve of. In other words, Zen and the Art of Guitar Pop.

Ben calls the new album “a document of my two years away from the world. My healing.”
“Through real work in therapy over a long period, as well as spending many months isolated and alone, I have started to finally access my true self little by little, and it’s reflected in this music.”
Maybe that process would have happened anyway, without the world cataclysm, without the detour to the sacred mountains. But it happened in its peculiar way, and in a holy place, and so we have this poignant and beautiful two-album set, which couldn’t have been made in any other timeline or under any other conditions.
It’s an open question where exactly the timeline that begins with GUV III & IV leads. After tracking the albums in L.A. in early 2021, Ben decamped to Mexico — old Mexico — where the healing process has taken yet another surprising turn.
“I’m taking a complete break from music,” Ben says. “I haven’t picked up a guitar since the record wrapped. I’m learning Spanish and boxing.” 

Released March 11th, 2022

Produced By Young Guv 

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