KELLEY STOLTZ – ” The Stylist “

Posted: March 31, 2022 in MUSIC

San Francisco indie/DIY living legend Kelley Stoltz is back for Round Two on the Dinked Edition series, with his upcoming album appearing on Exclusive wax with a pair of 7’’ singles, a set dreamt up by the man himself.

There’s few better pop/rockers out there today than Kelley Stoltz. He’s like a throwback to the days when guys like Marshall Crenshaw were known for producing gem after gem of melodic ’60s influenced guitar pop without seemingly batting an eyelid. Now on just his seventeenth album, ‘The Stylist’ sees him once again recording solo as he wanders through the pack pages of jangle rock referencing the likes of Todd RundgrenEmitt Rhodes and The Zombies along the way.  

The Stylist” is a little different for Stoltz, who this time eschews his usual ’60s pop / ’80s new wave proclivities in favour of a more modern psychedelic pop sound. You can hear that in the very catchy first single “Your Name Escapes Me,” which comes with a very cool animated lyric video by Meryl Press. “After seeing Meryl Press’s artwork online, I was really taken with her rapid fire imagery and Peter Max hues,” Kelley tells us. “I thought she would be perfect to make a more artistic video than me just sullenly lip syncing. ‘Your Name Escapes Me’ is my favourite song on my new album, and one of my best ever… and I wanted something beautiful to live with it.”

Kelley was so impressed by the Dinked release of previous album ‘Ah! (etc)’ that he’s re-joined for its follow-up. On ‘The Stylist’, Stoltz pairs indie with psychedelia once more for a record inspired by Rundgren, Wilson, Nilsson, and The Zombies.

The singles include a pair of tracks each, one of which houses a cover of The Fall’s ‘Wings’. We’ve got word that the records have already been pressed so it will be good to go for its summer release.

+ Dinked Edition 188

+ Released: 10th June 2022


+ “Butterfly effect” blue / pink / purple LP *

+ 2 x bonus 7” (3 exclusive tracks & a Fall cover!) *

+ Hand-numbered Dinked sticker *

+ 450 copies only *


The album was recorded early in 2021, and has been languishing in the vinyl pressing log jam ever since – but luckily Stoltz writes timeless songs, the kind that might’ve appeared on the fringes of the late 60’s or mid 80’s!

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