WEIRD NIGHTMARE – ” Weird Nightmare “

Posted: March 31, 2022 in MUSIC

If you’re looking for a raw, sugary blast of distorted pop, look no further than Weird Nightmare.

Weird Nightmare is, in its own way, a study in extremes: Edkins’ melodic instincts and penchant for dissonance are both turned up to the max throughout, the latter reflecting not only the barn-burning tendencies of METZ, but Alex’s own sonic predilections. “It doesn’t sound right to my ears until it’s pushed over the edge.” He also cites other artists who are masterful at mixing the sublime and the punishing—Kim Deal and Scout Niblett among them—as influences on his own songwriting. “My favourite songs are the simple ones,” he explains. “I’ve never been attracted to virtuosity or technicality. Certain songs have the power to lift your spirits like nothing else can. I wanted to create that type of song.” 

Sub Pop Records is delighted to welcome Weird Nightmare, the electrifying new project from Metz guitarist and singer Alex Edkins, to the label’s storied roster of artists. Label co-founder, Jonathan Poneman on the irresistible allure of Weird Nightmare: “One can hear, respect, and fully appreciate Alex’s reverence for the ingratiating hook, which he wields both generously and masterfully. Yeah. Killer!”

The debut full-length Weird Nightmare album will be released by Sub Pop later this year and we’ll have a lot more to say about that very soon. In the meantime, please enjoy a brief glimpse of Weird Nightmare in this gloriously fuzzy teaser.

The Metz frontman Alex Edkins is releasing his solo debut as Weird Nightmare on May 20th and he’s just shared this anthemic new song that sounds like The Who by way of Dayton and Dunedin. “I let my obsessive love of ’60s pop, garage rock and ’80/’90s Flying Nun come to the surface,” says Edkins. “I feel like my true musical personality comes out in these songs.”

Weird Nightmare from the self-titled album, out May 20th on Sub Pop Records

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