YOUNG PRISMS – ” Drifter “

Posted: March 26, 2022 in MUSIC

After two terrific albums in the early 2010s, San Francisco shoegazers Young Prisms drifted off into the ether. The music industry is tough and you can’t pay Bay Area rent with critical acclaim, and with inter band romantic entanglements, parenthood and other Real Life stuff, the band was put on the backburner. But they never broke up. At the end of the decade, Stefanie Hodapp, Gio Betteo, Matt Allen and Jordan Silbert reconnected and found they still had something to say, and were in a better place to do so. “Drifter” is Young Prisms first album in a decade and maybe their best.

They made it with Shaun Durkan of Weekend (another shoegaze band that hasn’t made a record in a while) who helped them find a balance of melody, atmosphere, beauty and noise. Too many of these groups put “dream” ahead of “pop” but “Drifter” is full of memorable songs “Outside Air,” “Yourside,” “Violet” and blissful arrangements and productions. “Honeydew,” with its mile-wide sunshine smile of a chorus, would’ve been worth reuniting for alone.

Drifter” is a record that finds steadiness in the embrace of uncertainty. Young Prisms have always delivered stories that have remained mostly shrouded in a dreamlike state, the kind of dreams where you never quite get to where you’re aiming to go, and the ones which unravel in melancholy when you open your eyes and reality sets in.

With their first new music in ten years, the band explores the tension and release that comes with bringing your head down from the clouds and making sense of the tangible entanglements that make up everyday existence. “You’ve spent your whole life wondering if you’ll ever live up to your own expectations, but one day realize that it’s ok to just be a normal, boring human. You’re used to running away from life because you hate yourself and now you are pleasantly surprised by a new feeling to let go and accept yourself,” explains lead vocalist Stefanie Hodapp.

Released March 25th, 2022

Band: Stefanie Hodapp, Gio Betteo, Matt Allen & Jordan Silbert

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