P.E. – ” The Leather Lemon ” Album Of The Week

Posted: March 26, 2022 in MUSIC

“The Leather Lemon” is a reckoning record for the times; an album of psychedelic resurfacing, real-time response to world events, and soft, sympathetic magic. This is a collection of songs shaped by five individuals who embrace music-making as a way to centre themselves in times of uncertainty; it’s resilience and imagination given shape. “The Leather Lemon” is a true sweet-and-sour listening experience, an album as bright and clear as it is fractured and fun. Get turned UP and ON with the electrifying new lemon drop from P.E.! .

This power coupling of Brooklyn bands Pill and Eaters has just get better, Brooklyn’s groups Pill and Eaters teamed up for a one-off live performance to open for Bodega’s “Endless Scroll” release party back in 2018. They liked working together so much, both of their respective bands basically ceased to exist and they became a more highly evolved combined organism know as P.E. Pill’s Jonny Campolo, Benjamin Jaffe, and Veronica Torres bring skronk and attitude, while Eaters’ Jonathan Schenke and Bob Jones bring beats and inventive production.

Their excellent debut album came out just days before lockdown in March 2020 but they’ve thrived creatively through the pandemic, releasing the killer “The Reason for My Love” EP last year and are now back with their best record yet, the awesomely titled “The Leather Lemon”.

The production is wilder, the hooks are bigger, and everything feels more confident. Also: Torres has also all but dropped the sprechgesang delivery to reveal a terrific singing voice. 

The Leather Lemon” has dancefloor fillers (“The Reason for My Love,” “Contradiction Of Wants”), baroque dreamstate jazz (“Magic Hands”) and even a loungy duet with Parquet Courts’ A. Savage (“Tears in the Rain”), all of which make sense together in P.E.’s unique universe.

“The perfect soundtrack for a neo-noir” – Rolling Stone

“Soft and a little sleazy” – The Fader

“They carve out deeper grooves and mine darker textures, revelling in a kind of intoxicated, nocturnal exhilaration—these songs aren’t so much heavier as denser, all of the elements that came together on Person now calcifying into crystallized solid.” – Treble (Album Of The Week)

“The quintet refines their impulses on their 2020 debut “Person” and transforms them into a body-moving EP. The jittery electronics are still there, but the drum cuts feel sharper and lighter, bringing a sense of structure to what could easily be shapeless. Vocalist Veronica Torres abandons spoken-word and leans fully into singing about poetry, beauty, and the contours of the body. Her lovely vocal stretches fill up the space once occupied by industrial bass drops. Sensuality suits them well.”

P.E. ‘s sophomore album, “The Leather Lemon” (Wharf Cat Records, out March 25th, 2022), ushers in a new era for the New York band. A wild ride through chewy bubblegum pop, sweeping synthetic orchestrations, and mutant club beats, the album slides ever closer to the fully-realized pop sensibility only winked at with their debut album “Person” (2020) and subsequent releases.

P.E. is: Jonny Campolo (piano, synths, bass, percussion, voice), Benjamin Jaffe (saxophone, synths, voice), Bob Jones (beats, samples, synths, bass, voice), Jonathan Schenke (synths, beats, bass, percussion, voice), Veronica Torres (voice, lyrics).

Wharf Cat Records, out March 25th, 2022

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