EX VOID – ” Bigger Than Before “

Posted: March 26, 2022 in MUSIC

One of the most promising bands of the early 2010s was from Cardiff, Joanna Gruesome who mixed punk and indie pop into big pop hooks with big feelings. Singer Alanna McArdle left the group in 2015; they carried on for a while without her but they fell apart not long after. So it was great news in 2018 that McArdle and Owen Williams, who wrote most of Joanna Gruesome’s songs, were forming a new band, Ex-Vöid. Four years and a couple singles later, we’ve got their terrific debut album.

The bright melodies and wonderful harmonies that distinguished Joanna Gruesome are still here, but they’ve mellowed out just a little, owing more to the 12-string jangle of Gene Clark and the descending chord progressions of Big Star than anything on indie-pop touchstone C-86.

They keep things short and punchy, with songs acting as pure hook delivery devices that rarely need more than two minutes to lodge in your brain, though they do make a little time for some flashy twin lead soloing. McArdle and Williams’ voices sound great together even when singing the same melody, but when the harmonies kick in on tracks like “Chemical Reaction,” “Churchyard,” and “Boyfriend,” Ex-Vöid soar.

Debut album from former leaders of Joanna Gruesome finds their power pop powers still intact released through Don Giovanni Records

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