GANG OF YOUTHS – ” angel in realtime “

Posted: February 27, 2022 in MUSIC

Having already taken by the music world by storm thanks to their 2015 debut, “The Positions”, 2017’s Go “Farther in Lightness” expanded upon the band’s grandiose musical vision and saw them anointed as one of the country’s most respected exports. Since then, it’s been five long years as fans have waited for a follow-up, with the first taste of their third record having begun to emerge last year.

Upon the release of “the angel of 8th ave.” on their “total serene” EP in July, Gang of Youths slowly gave their fans an indicator of what to expect. While frontman Dave Le’aupepe had previously teased a 2020 release for the record, with a focus on his father’s passing, the story began to slowly take shape as singles began to emerge and showcasing a more resonant, powerful, and emotional side of the group.

Seeing as we’ve already included four “angel in realtime“. singles in our weekly Best New Songs picks, including the most recent one just yesterday (February. 24th), it’s safe to say that we’re hyped for Gang of Youths’ third full-length release. The album is the Australian band’s first in five years, following 2017’s critically acclaimed “Go Farther in Lightness“, and comes after multiple versions of the album had already been scrapped, according to an interview the band did with NME. What we hear now finds frontman David Le’aupepe reaching for the ethereal; “Ah, there’s heaven in you now,” he repeats at the close of “the angel of 8th avenue” as a fittingly heavenly musical swell rises around him.

Even the darker lyrical moments are wrapped up in those moments of catharsis that feel otherworldly. 

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