BAMBARA – ” Love On My Mind ” EP

Posted: February 27, 2022 in MUSIC

Twin brothers Reid and Blaze Bateh formed Bambara with childhood friend William Brookshire in 2007, making the move from their hometown of Athens, Georgia, to Brooklyn in 2011 and putting out compelling, often chilling blues-punk ever since. Now, they’ve returned with “Love on My Mind“, an EP that might be their most fully realized collection of songs to date.

Singles “Mythic Love” and “Birds” (one of our favorite songs from January) thrash through bodies on the subway platform, while tracks like “Point and Shoot” and “Slither in the Rain” slink down alleyways where only the whites of the eyes are visible. Equal parts sensual and spiritual, the EP captures the city’s icy cool, albeit from the perspective of whatever’s haunting the crumbling buildings and smoking sewers.

“Wash this filthy city from your skin with me / We’ll cut our hair and burn our things and leave by spring,” an angelic pair of voices echo all through the end of “Little Wars,” before we get swallowed up by the pavement again. It’s doubtful you’d ever leave if this was the soundtrack you’ll just have to check over your shoulder as you go. 

Released February 25th, 2022

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