SASAMI – ” Squeeze “

Posted: February 27, 2022 in MUSIC

Following her eponymous debut album in 2019, Sasami Ashworth buttresses her reputation as one of music’s most talented polymaths with sophomore effort ‘Squeeze’. Featuring the wonderful single ‘Sorry Entertainer’, it takes in nu-metal, country, pop and folk and injects them with almost classical qualities.

Sasami Ashworth, aka SASAMI. On her sophomore LP “Squeeze“, the 31-year-old Los Angeles musician emulates her idols, mostly ditching the yearning shoegaze and dream-pop of her self-titled 2019 debut for metal, industrial and grunge. Through these newly loud and aggressive sounds.

Ashworth has also played synth in Cherry Glazerr and, in a couple of TV appearances she forges a space in which one can combine their own rage with hers and feel newly liberated through group catharsis, without inflicting any real-world violence. The maelstrom of distorted guitars and pounding percussion results in her best songs yet.

SASAMI – “Say It” from the forthcoming album ‘Squeeze’ out 25th February 2022 on Domino Record Co.

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