Posted: February 9, 2022 in MUSIC

Babehoven unveil a new single, “Get Better,” a standout off of their forthcoming “Sunk” EP. Watch the accompanying music video that depicts winter moments in their newfound home of upstate New York.

 “‘Get Better’ is a forward-facing wish for everyone I love to be their best selves, living their best lives, feeling safe within their hearts and treating one another with love and kindness. It is about recognizing patterns of pain in my path and choosing to reroute and grow in new directions with as much gentleness as possible.” Maya Bon

On Babehoven’s new EP, “Sunk”, Maya Bon seeks to answer a seemingly simple yet ultimately life changing question: what would happen if, rather than constantly fighting against the immovable tides of unfixable things—broken relationships, a fractured society, a future that erodes daily in the face of climate change—she gave herself permission to stop struggling altogether. What beauty might life attain if the choice to give up—to become “sunk”—was reframed as an act of self-care rather than one of defeat?

Since starting Babehoven in Portland, Oregon in 2017, Maya Bon has shown herself to be a gifted heart-on-sleeve songwriter, using music to peel back the layers of her own experiences—sometimes sad, sometimes surreal, always vividly rendered—to reveal universal emotional truths hidden in the most intimately personal of details.

From the “Sunk” EP, releasing March 4th, 2022 on Double Double Whammy.

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