HATER – ” Sincere “

Posted: February 9, 2022 in MUSIC

A reawakening for the Swedish visionaries, “Sincere” solidifies their impressive trajectory in a fuzzed out haze of dark and arresting shoegaze pop. An expansive trip through noisier, bittersweet pop realms that recalls My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Deerhunter.

Underpinning everything there’s a continuing sense of drama throughout; richly textured crescendos, chiming guitars and delicate melodies are guided by Caroline Landahl’s tender yet sharpened vocals. “Sincere” is joyously effervescent, but with a dark underbelly where fury manifests in a swirl of entrancing and propulsive percussion.

A gorgeous and dazzling piece of aching romanticism, destined to feature on a thousand mixtapes.

Recorded last year in Malmö, Hater welcomed two new band members and those early day sparks saw them quickly turning demos into fully-formed new songs that appear on the record. “Sincere” was produced by long-time collaborator Joakim Lindberg and was mixed and mastered by John Cornfield, whose credits include Ride, The Stone Roses and Robert Plant.

Following new music last summer, Hater announce their highly anticipated album ‘Sincere’  out 6th May on Fire Records with the release of new single ‘Something’.

We are super stoked and humbled to finally be able to share our new single ‘Something’ with you and the news that we’re releasing our third album ‘Sincere’ the 6th of May.

We wanna thank everyone that’s been involved in this beautiful process, Joakim Lindberg Studio Sickan who’s been recording and producing, John Cornfield who’s mixed and mastered all songs, Benjamin Zadig who’s taken the front cover, and Adèle Tornberg who’s snapped the photo for the back of the album and done this amazing video, also huge thanks to Fire Records who’s making this release possible

Hater have just announced their highly anticipated album ‘Sincere’  will be out 6th May on Fire Records with the release of new single ‘Something’. After playing a special show in their hometown early in March, they’ll be touring this new album with a set of dates this Spring, including Glasgow (with The Wave Pictures), The Great Eastern Festival in Edinburgh, Manchester and London.

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