SUNFLOWER BEAN – ” Headful Of Sugar “

Posted: February 9, 2022 in MUSIC

New York trio Sunflower Bean -featuring vocalist and bassist Julia Cumming (she/her), guitarist and vocalist Nick Kivlen (he/him), and drummer Olive Faber (she/they) – announce that their long-awaited third album “Headful of Sugar” will be released on may 6th via Lucky Number Records.

A psychedelic headrush, fuelled by the agony and ecstasy of contemporary American life, “Headful Of Sugar” is about outsiders disillusioned with the modern world who, despite their alienation, refuse to be subdued; buoyed by the relief found in interpersonal relationships that counteract the daily barrage of cheap entertainment and convenience.

If their acclaimed second album “Twentytwo in Blue”, released in 2018, was a self-described “ode to the fleeting innocence of youth,” then “Headful Of Sugar” shoves the listener into a new, dangerous world, one that is less safe but also less suffocating. “tomorrow is not promised, no tour is promised, no popularity is promised, no health or money is promised,” bassist/vocalist Julia Cumming says. “why not make what you want to make on your own terms? why not make a record that makes you want to dance? why not make a record that makes you want to scream?” “Headful Of Sugar” was produced and mixed by Umo’s Jacob Portrait, co-engineered by Olive Faber and portrait, and recorded between Electric Lady and Sunflower Bean own studios.

“Headful Of Sugar” out May 6th.

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