M.J LENDERMAN – ” Boat Songs “

Posted: January 30, 2022 in MUSIC

Coming out of Asheville, North Carolina, Jake Lenderman, sometimes fishes on the Pigeon River, and creates his own music as MJ Lenderman he is also the guitarist in the indie rock band Wednesday. Lenderman released his debut album, “Ghost Of Your Guitar Solo”, back in 2021 and now return’s over a year later with his second offering, “Boat Songs” due out this April on Dear Life Records. Lenderman describes the album as his most “polished” sound to date, built around songs that “chase fulfillment and happiness”—whether that means buying a boat, drinking too much, or watching seeds fall from the bird feeder.

With “Boat Songs”, Lenderman emerges confident as ever, an innovative yet unassuming artist, straightforward and true. Recorded at Asheville’s Drop of Sun with Alex Farrar and Colin Miller, “Boat Songs” is the first album Lenderman made in a professional studio. WWE matches and basketball games were silently projected on the studio walls during recording sessions. And you can hear their power in these ten unapologetically lo-fi tracks, each brimming with pent-up energy and the element of surprise.

Musically, there’s both an ease and a confidence to “Hangover Game“, the drums swagger in, accompanied by fuzzy guitars and MJ’s straight-talking vocal, What lifts this song above a historical re-telling, or a Basketball themed episode of Murder She Wrote, is the intimacy of the lyrics, while not telling his own story, MJ still shares so much of his personality, present as he sings, “I bought fake Jordans, they weren’t even shoes”, or his open-hearted closing line, “I love drinking too”.

All songs written by MJ Lenderman except for Toontown, written by MJ Lenderman and Andrew James, All instruments played by MJ Lenderman except for bass, keys, and trumpet played by Colin Miller
And Pedal steel by Xandy Chelmis

Guitars on You Are Every Girl To Me played by Alex Farrar and Lewis Dahm, Back up vocals by Karly Hartzman and Colin Miller

“Boat Songs” is out April 29th via Dear Life Records.

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